Our Process


STEP 1: Choose your Package

Visit our pricing page and choose the No Worry Website package that's best for you and your business. Our semi-custom sites are for businesses just like yours! Highlights include:

  • Website updates are included in your monthly pricing
  • Quarterly backups and quarterly strategy calls are upgradeable to monthly
  • Every package includes our basic SEO plan. Outrank your competition on Google
Pick a Package

STEP 2: Pick Your Customization Options

After you pick your website package, make a payment and agree to our terms of service, it's time to start choosing your custom options.

  • Choose the type of header you want
  • You have numerous options for your page layouts
  • Find the footer that appeals to you most
Get Started
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Website design consultation

STEP 3: Initial design consultation

Just 1-2 days after you make your purchase and start reviewing your design options, someone from our design team will call you and help you make your decisions. You're not a design expert so why do so many other "do it yourself" companies leave all those design decisions in your hands?

We'll take the time to get to know you and your business and we'll help you make the decisions that will achieve your website goals. It's YOUR WEBSITE and you're in control! We're there to be your advisor along the way.

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STEP 4: The design process begins!

Over the next 1-2 weeks we'll build your website. It's very important that you get us your copy and images as soon as possible. If you don't have images ready to go, you can choose up to 10 images from Shutterstock. We have our own account so all you need to do is send us the URLs or image IDs of the photos you want and we'll add them into your site.

Your site is about to become a reality!

Learn about our add-ons
serious web designing going on

websites designed in 1-2 weeks

STEP 5: The Building Continues...

We've said it once but it's worth saying again: Get us your content! This is the missing piece that will tie your entire website together and it's usually the piece that gets put on the back burner. Make it a priority to get us that content! If you're too busy, we can do the writing for you.

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STEP 6: Review your Site

Once your site is complete you'll have 7 days to review it and request changes. This is the time for making small, aesthetic changes and other small changes like the placement of images and text layout. We want you to be happy with your site and have it look great and these finishing touches will take it over the top.

Okay, I'm ready!

Your website is now live!

STEP 7: Your Site Goes Live

It's ALIVE! The final step is to make your site live. We take care of everything so all you have to do is sit back and relax! This is a No Worries Website!

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