Top 13 Resources for Entrepreneurs

If you are familiar with the entrepreneurial journey, you must be aware of the fact that there is much more to any business than getting your product or service ready and delivering it to the customer. You have to be sure that you are doing the right thing at the right time, as a single decision is capable of making or breaking your business. The troubles do not end when you have figured the decision-making part, as you begin to need more personnel as soon as you start expanding your business. Accounting, marketing, web-design, legal fronts; there are so many aspects to managing a business that it is easy for you to snap and do the wrong thing. From ensuring that you are using the best technology available, to making sure that your employees have the perfect working environment, there are innumerous decisions that you will have to take on your entrepreneurial journey. Keeping in touch with new business insights and hacks is also essential for the growth of your vision, which makes it necessary to have access to content that provides you with tips, tricks, and regularly remind you of the things to do and not to do to expand swiftly your business.

 While plenty of resources can be accessed by going to Google, sorting the ones that suit your needs and conditions can be a challenge. To save you the trouble, we present the top 13 resources for entrepreneurs and budding businessmen:

5 Techniques to Immediately Gain More Clients

5 Techniques to Immediately Gain More Clients

Have you ever asked, "How do I get more clients?" Most professionals have and most of the answers out there are ethereal answers that aren't very helpful. Getting new clients takes a lot of hard work, a lot of focus and a lot of time.

In this article, I'm sharing 5 strategies you can start using today to get new clients. You may already know some of these but hopefully these are a good refresher.

  1. Ask for referrals... right now!

    You're probably thinking, "No duh, Hunter! OF COURSE I know to ask for referrals." But when was the last time you reached out to a happy customer to ask for one? Most professionals wait for their next meeting with a client to ask for one. Why not ask right now?

    Here is a quick template you can use:

    Hey [CLIENT],

    Two quick things today.

    (1). I'm writing to see how things are going and if you need anything from me. I've got time next week if you want to schedule a quick 15-minute phone call. I've enjoyed working with you and I want to continue to earn your business.

    (2). Like you, I'm hoping to grow my business. What companies or business people do you know that are similar to you? Will you make a quick introduction for me? It can be over email or I can take you both to coffee or lunch.


    Notice that in my ask for a referral I'm not saying the normal, "Who do you know that needs my services?" While that may be obvious in some cases, it isn't in most. I start off by asking, "Who do you know?" They know lots of people! Asking this way removes the restrictive framing that results in, "I don't know!"